Why Us



There’s a wealth of very good reasons!

We are a team of highly qualified professionals with experience in film making, video production, photography, graphic design, web development and marketing.

We bring a wide range of skills to  creating the best possible video for your needs.

Our passion for video and design is matched with a deep understanding of the commercial world.

Video that engages. Video that defines. Video that sells!



mugshot-pascalPascal M Mindlin

Pascal studied video direction and production at Open Studio in his hometown, Amsterdam. His final film was ‘The Nutcracker’, an award-winning fake documentary about a man suffering from short-term memory loss. In 2000 he moved to London to work for a media production company after which he became a freelance video director. He has produced many hours of commercial, creative and educational material for a raft of clients over the past decade.

Pascal has a wide range of creative media skills which complement his work and he also has a strong commitment to media education. He was made an ‘Apple Distinguished Educator’ in recognition of his achievements in this sphere.